Thursday, 2 June 2016



Twenty teens is the era we are in now. Many trends have been expressed during this decade as many teenagers like to experiment and change up their looks a lot. Grunge and hipster styles were popular a lot these past years along with the complete opposite trends such as neon colours were being seen obsessively. 
Due to all these trend changes, all the high street fashion stores have to keep up to date with the current styles and trends people are following, to insure they get the optimum sales.
Popular international shops this decade include Topshop, Topman, H&M, Hollister, River Island, Marks & Spencers and Forever 21. All these well known stores are always keeping up with whats new. 

In early 2010, a lot of the clothes being sold were whats known as 'recycled fashion'; fashion and clothes items that have already been around in previous decades, such as Vintage Fashion. Topshop was one of the stores to replicate vintage clothing.

One thing I find really interesting that we see a lot of now a days is online shopping. Online shopping is constantly being advertised every wear you look and has become increasingly popular now then ever before. It encourages people to spend more money as sales and discounts are constantly being spread around too. 
In conclusion, today's trends aren't really as dramatic as previous trends have been, however its all down to how you wear it and your personally style. But who knows,in 20 or 30 years from now we will look back and ask ourselves why were we wearing that?

Friday, 26 February 2016

THE 00'S

THE 00'S
The 2000's was the year of the 'Gregorian Calendar' that began on the 1st of January 2000. It was also the year for many bizarre fashion trends. The fashion choices were often referred to as a 'mash-up' as it was a mixture of old and new trends and was a very experimental year when it came to fashion. A lot of young teens followed the hip-hop fashion trend in this era and the fashion was manly influenced by technology due to the growth of the internet.
Throughout this decade the women's fashion trends went through dramatic changes in this decade. Denim was a favourite fashion item in the early 00's as the 00's feature a lot of denim mini skirts.
The 2000's had many famous style icons showing off their own unique style in the 'mash-up' way.

Mary Kate Olsen is a well known fashion icon and also has two fashion lines. In the 2000's she wasn't afraid to play around with a mixture of items and textures. She's seen wearing a hippy headband, oversized clutch, heels and a fur jacket to express herself through fashion. The 00's also started using more eco friendly fabrics in fashion making items using fabrics such as faux fur.
 Singer Rihanna was a fan of the hip-hop fashion trend in this era and wasn't scared to change her look throughout the years.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

THE 1990'S

THE 1990's
In 90's is where a lot of famous people we know very well know a days first appeared on our screens. A lot of them were considered fashion icons in the 90's but things how certainly changed in fashion since then. I looked at some well known celebrity style icons that inspired the fashion choices of many women.

The spice girls at the time seemed to be every girls fashion inspiration. Each of them had there own style which is why they influenced so many. They were always seen as 'trendy' back then wearing tiny mini skirts, crop tops and Adidas trackie bottoms, they inspired everyone girls fashion choices in this era and that is what made them different.

Britney Spears is still a well known person today! Her single 'Hit me baby one more time' that was released in 1998 had everyone talking. Her outfit choice in this video had every girl wanting to be her! She wore a sexy school outfits and had her hair in pigtails. This outfit just screams 1990's fashion as it became very very well known as a fashion style icon.

This film is now almost 18 years old and the outfit choices in this film are still being referred back on! The matching jackets and skirt and interesting choice of pattern is what makes this outfit and style so memorable. It is even being mimicked in music videos today. For example by Iggy Azalea.

From the film 'Clueless'

From Iggy Azalea's 2014 music video for 'Fancy'

THE 1980's

THE 1980'S
The 1980's was full of fashion style icons! It is considered one most experimental eras in fashion. There was a style icon for everyone and people were not afraid to express their personality and individuality through their style. Here a few famous faces from the eighties who started some of the popular fashion trends.

Madonna became well known on the pop scene in 1983. She was very revealing with her stage outfits wearing things that were never seen before at this time. Madonna loved to wear leather pieces, tutus and conical bras to show off her individual style.

Michael's outfit choice in his well know music video 'Thriller' became a well known item of clothing in the 80's. It show cased Michael Jackson's signature style and become one of the most copied cuts of the decade. The jacket worn in the video sold for $1.8 million at an auction in 2011.

Boy George was the leader of London's peacock punks and loved to express his personality through fashion. He saw 1980's fashion as art. He says that 'anything goes' and isn't afraid to mix it up with his look. He made many headlines for his unusual style choices.



Feminism is a period of feminist activity that first began in early 1960's in the US. It later spread beyond United States. The movement lasted through the 1980's. There was many fashion and celebrity inspiring women during the feminism movement.


 During a time where women were expected to wear nothing but skirts and dresses, Chanel dressed them in pants and suits—bringing the comfort of men’s apparel to women’s fashion. Coco’s designs helped to liberate women through fashions that have stood the stand of time.
 During this time where women was expected to wear skirts and dresses, Chanel dressed them in the complete opposite. Women were dressed in trousers and suits. Coco's designs helped to liberate women through fashion during this movement.
Perhaps one of the most recognized faces of feminism, Gloria Steinem led the women’s liberation movements throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s. Co-founder of the feminist themed magazine, Ms., Steinem was co-founder of several female groups that changed the face of feminism including Women’s Action Alliance, National Women’s Political Caucus, Women’s Media Center and more. All of her efforts led to her induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1993 and in 2013 she was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Gloria is one of the most regonised women during this movement. She led the womens liberation in the 60's and 70's. She was also the co founder of the feminsist themed magazine MS. She was also the founder of several female groups. She was in the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1993 because of all her efforts.


Postmodernism & The 1970's
Postmodernism is a late 20th century movement in the arts that was a departure from modernism. It is often associated with deconstruction and post-structuralism because it gained significant popularity at the same time as the 20th century post structural thought.

The 70's fashions were becoming part of mainstream culture. In the 70's everyone wore flares, platforms and fringe. These trends are now making a re appearance on the runways. Modern day designers were inspired by the original icons of the era such as Cher, Bianca Jagger and many more. 
There are now many brands such as Gucci and Laura Ashley are making 1970's fashion their own back in the day.

Diane Von Furstenberg and the Wrap dress (1974)
This dress became one of the most famous inventions ever in the 70's. Diane made her now iconic wrap in 1974 after setting out to create a jersey dress that was made out of silk and had a relaxed feel about it and that would fit well on every women's body type. She was then quickly given the cover of Buisness Bible Newsweek and was named 'The most marketable designer since CoCo Chanel.' Diane had sold over 5 million of the dresses worldwide.

Joni Mitchell (1972)
Joni Mitchell was the poster girl of hippy chic. She was one of the most popular 70's style icons. She became well known for wearing tie-dye blouses that keeps making a come back now a days as the trend is being sold in stores on the high street to this day.

Cher (1973)
Cher was everywhere in the 70's. She released a total of 10 albums in the 1970's. From more-is-more prints to perms, Cher followed every trend that the decade had to offer but she became a true inspiration.

Photography In The 60's

Photography In The 60's
The 1960's 
The rise of photography especially Photojournalism and Street Photography.
I decided to research 10 Photographs that defined the 60's. 

Bert Stern Marilyn Monroe from The Last Sitting, 1962 (The bed and the wine, sipping)
Bert Stern, Marilyn Monroe (The Bed And The Wine, Sipping) From The Last Sitting, 1962.
Bern Stern was known for his pictures in vogue during the 1950's and 60's, he was an art and fashion photographer. He became well known for his photographs of Marilyn Monroe known as 'The Last Sitting.' These photographs he took two months before the actress passed away. 


This photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono shows the two jesting protest against the Vietnam War that took place not long after the couple exchanged their vows in 1969. They knew that their new marriage would attract attention so the two deliberately sought friends in television to announce they would stay in bed for 2 weeks as a strategy of peace activism. 


The execution of Nguyen Van Lem
Nguyen was a soldier for the Viet Cong and was executed on the streets of  Saigon by a South Vietnamese officer. This offence interrupted a truce during the Tet lunar new year celebrations, jolted global perceptions of what the communist 'guerrillas' that are in Vietnam are capable of.